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Thanks for picking up the hardcover copy of Vultures’ Picnic – here are your video links – they’re private links so only you can see them.

Vultures’ Picnic Title Page film/trailer

Chapter 1. Goldfinger

Chapter 2. Lady Baba-Land: The Islamic Republic of BP – YouTube

Chapter 3. Pig in the Pipeline – YouTube

Chapter 4. The Coon-Ass Riviera – YouTube

Chapter 5. The Cheese Smelled Funny So We Threw It in the Jungle – YouTube

Chapter 6. The Wizard of Ooze – YouTube

Chapter 7. My Home is Now a Strange Place

Chapter 8. We Figured Out Who Murdered Jake – YouTube

Chapter 9. The Sorcerer’s Stone

Chapter 10. Fukushima, Texas

Chapter 11. Mr. Fairness

Chapter 12. The Generalissimo of Globalization – YouTube

Chapter 13. Vultures’ Picnic

Chapter 14. Lots of Fish