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The “Steele Dossier” …On Greg Palast
Nunes Memo Reveals True Threat To Civil Liberties

Greg Palast

Do we hate Trump so much we cheer the FBI, the monstrous secret FISA star chamber, and the surveillance horror show exposed by Snowden? When they come for you, will they use your own words of praise for Gestapo Lite?

The FBI should have disclosed to the court that the Steele dossier was originally paid for by Paul “The Vulture” Singer — who has a record of creating what James Comey himself calls “salacious and unverifiable” files on his enemies.

I know, Singer created a dossier on me.

Apparently, it claimed fantastical sex and ethics nonsense — sorry, no peeing Russian prostitutes — that he peddled to news media to destroy me. The Vulture’s toady called BBC to tell my producer, “We have a file on Greg Palast.” The BBC was un-moved, noting that “Palast has a file on YOU” — and BBC was running with the Singer investigation.

But the Vulture’s file seemed to work in the USA: I’d been a regular on US mainstream news outlets like Washington Journal. It suddenly stopped dead. And not one network dares say a word against Singer.

In nature, vultures vomit on their attackers. In my case, I won a liable judgment against the sludge. But Singer’s vomit remains on my name.

I note that that coward dirtball Devin Nunes did not mention in his memo that The Vulture originated the “Steele” dossier. (Kudos to my old comrade, the ethically-challenged Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS, for charging Clinton a second time for the work paid for by a Republican.)

The FISA court is a secretive chamber which Edward Snowden courageously exposed as the judicial blessing of an ugly police spy state. Is that what we are lauding today? [My hat off to ex-CIA agent and whistleblower Mel Goodman for refusing to join the FBI praise choir.]

The joke’s on you, by the way: Trump has now held secret meetings with The Vulture — and, interestingly, Trump’s promise to close Singer’s favored tax loophole, vanished.

Is Trump a bloviating nuclearized narcissist miscreant? That’s a fact. So, why are we rushing to join his bonfire of our liberties?

It makes me ill that so-called Progressives applaud the use of The Vulture’s “salacious and unverifiable” vomit to destroy fellow citizens. You may applaud the Vulture vomiting on Trump. Some of you may be happy he vomited on Greg Palast. But when the police state machinery comes for you because you’ve crossed the wrong billionaire, who will be there to protect you or tell your story?

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