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Oil-Can Eddie: The Man Who Made Me an Investigator and Made Me a Man
Eddie Sadlowski (1938-2018)

Greg Palast 

Eddie Sadlowski
[Above: Edward Eugene “Oil-can” Sadlowski,
September 10, 1938 – June 10, 2018.

Eddie Sadlowski was a machine oiler at U.S. Steel Southworks. In 1976, he led a workers’ rebellion to take control of the million-person United Steelworkers of America. (Back then, workers were united and America made steel.) Oil-can Eddie was America’s working-class hero, back then, when America was working. He’d been profiled on 60 Minutes. The University of Chicago Business School thought it cute to bring him to the ivy-decorated campus to lecture, with his rough hands and Local 1110 windbreaker, so the yuppies-in-training could make fun of the workers’ monkey trying to speak English.

Sadlowski stunned them, his brain racing beyond them. Read more