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Rove Tries to Bury Sordid Secrets of a White House Gone Wild

Greg Palast

The House Judiciary Committee just released two emails, dated February 5 and 7, from inside Karl Rove’s office, in which the Rove-bots gloat that no US media have picked up the investigations of “that British reporter Greg Palast” found in my book Armed Madhouse. I couldn’t make this up.

They will REALLY love to hear this: On April 24, I will be releasing a whole new expanded edition of Armed Madhouse with two new chapters, one just for Mr. Rove: “The Theft of 2008” — and another, “Busted: the Untold Story of the Drowning of New Orleans.”

I’m asking you to make Karl seriously unhappy by ordering a copy of the new edition TODAY, on-line, through Amazon, B&N or your local booksmith.

The new edition’s in paperback, dirt cheap and still contains all the original stories that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. calls, “a masterpiece. The story is like a spy thriller.”

The Chicago Tribune says of the book, “Palast’s stories bite. They’re so relevant they threaten to alter history.” The New Yorker says, “Armed Madhouse is great fun.” Hey, what’s so funny? This is: an investigation of economic piggery and political skulduggery so nasty you just have to scream or cry — or laugh.

In the new Armed Madhouse: From Baghdad to New Orleans — Sordid Secrets and Strange Tales of a White House Gone Wild you’ll find an America where Republicans sucking on Super-sized Slurpies hunt dark-skinned voters to eliminate their rights; where James Baker’s fixer in alligator boots sets up the grab for Iraq’s oil on her way to the rodeo; where educational testing profiteers terrorize our kiddies (in “No Childs’ Behind Left”); plus, my chat with Hugo Chavez about his coming assassination. AND a killer recipe for fish curry. PLUS scores of illustrations of those intriguing documents marked, ‘confidential’ — by the State Department, World Bank — and Karl Rove.

If you want these stories to bite the White House press corps, then participate in this group purchase today to get their attention. Once you got the book send us a note, “I got it,” to freebie(at)GregPalast.com and get a high-quality download of my film, “Bolivar’s Heir” — my talk with Chavez while he let’s me play with Bolivar’s sword.

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A note to Media People reading this missive: If you wish to book an interview with me, need a review copy or want to publish an excerpt — contact interviews (AT) gregpalast.com. Schedule’s real tight, so please book now.

Rove’s right. The US media doesn’t want you and our nation to get these reports. Tell the truth on’m: Please pass this note on to your own lists, post it on your sites, to your chat groups.


Greg Palast

P/S – Mr. Rove, I’m not British. And you’re un-American.