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Palast, Live from Hell

Greg Palast

“The CBS logo isn’t an eyeball, it’s actually just a pimple on the rectum of Viacom Corporation.”

Hear Greg Palast live with This is Hell radio host Chuck Mertz. In this 90 minute head-to-head, Greg goes in-depth about some of his run-ins with American Mainstream Media, stories about “getting the story,” and the true value of unbiased investigative journalism.

“Talk about hell: I trained with Fox TV News for 2 days… They asked me, ‘So what do I think? and I said, ‘I think I’m leaving the country.’ So I went to England to work for BBC.”

Hear it here: full frontal Palast, raw.

Palast Live from Hell – 90 minutes with Chuck Mertz

“A Conversation with Greg Palast” as broadcast on WNUR’s “This is Hell!” (www.wnur.org)