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Democracy Now! 15. June 2017

How Racist Voter Suppression Could Cost
Jon Ossoff the Georgia Election

Democracy Now! 13. Dec 2016

By Rejecting Recount, Is Michigan Covering Up
75,000 Ballots Never Counted?

Democracy Now! – 8. Nov 2016

Greg Palast in Ohio on GOP Effort to Remove
African Americans from Voter Rolls in Battleground State

Democracy Now! – 11. Mar 2016

The Vulture: How Billionaire Rubio Backer Paul Singer
Made Billions off Argentina Debt Crisis

Democracy Now! – 3. Nov 2014

Jim Crow Returns: Interstate “Crosscheck” Program
Could Strip Millions of the Right to Vote

Democracy Now! – 6. Nov 2012

In Ohio, African-American Turnout Threatened by
Reduced Early Voting and Faulty Ballots

Democracy Now! – 18. Oct 2012

Mitt Romney’s Bailout Bonanza:
How He Made Millions from the Rescue of Detroit

Democracy Now! – 22. Nov 2011

How U.S. “Vulture” Funds Make Millions
by Exploiting African Nations

Democracy Now! – 25. Oct 2011

Goldman Sachs v. Occupy Wall Street: A Greg Palast Investigation

Democracy Now! – 3. Mar 2010

From New York to Liberia, Tracking Vulture Funds
Preying on African Debt

Democracy Now! – 30. Nov 2009

WTO Chief on how Free Trade and Interdependence Help Promote
Freedom, Human Rights and Civil Liberties

Democracy Now! – 9. Oct 2008

Vote Rigging and Suppression Ahead of the 2008 Election

Democracy Now! – 11. Feb 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa on the Lawsuit Against Chevron, Eradicating Foreign Debt and Why He Says “Ecuador is No Longer for Sale”

Democracy Now! – 27. Dec 2007

The Battle Between Indigenous Ecuadorians
and the U.S. Oil Giant Chevron

Democracy Now! – 11. Jun 2007

The Battle to End Vulture Funds

Democracy Now! – 14. May 2007

The Firing of New Mexico Attorney David Iglesias

Democracy Now! – 24. Apr 2007

U.S. Vulture Fund Owner Wins Debt Payment from Zambia

Democracy Now! – 15. Feb 2007

“Vulture Fund” Company Seeks $40 Million Payment
from Zambia on $4 Million Debt

Democracy Now! – 28. Aug 2006

Top Hurricane Expert Says Officials Threatened His Job
Over Pre-Katrina Warnings

Democracy Now! – 12. Jul 2006

Florida Con Salsa: Voter Fraud in Mexico’s Presidential Election

Democracy Now! – 12. Apr 2006

U.S. Energy Dept. Concludes
Venezuela Could Have Biggest Oil Reserves in OPEC

Democracy Now! – 17. May 2005

Is there another Hugo Chavez in Latin America?
An Exclusive Interview with Ecuador’s New President

Democracy Now! – 28. Oct 2004

Secret Document Suggests GOP Preparing
to Challenge Black Vote in Florida