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Exxon-erated! Palast Escapes Clutches of Homeland Security

Greg Palast


Good news from the edge of reality: Exxon has changed its mind. It was only days ago that they were employing the help of their subsidiary known as the Department of Homeland Security to put a Gitmo scare into Greg Palast and Matt Pascarella for filming the oil powerhouse’s Baton Rouge refinery — and about a thousand Katrina refugees being held behind barbed wire near it. Looks like they woke up and smelled the carbon emissions. Per Palast:

One of George Bush’s weirder acts in office (and that’s saying a lot) was to move FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, whose main job is to save us from floods and earthquakes, into the control of the Department of Homeland Security. Exxon’s refineries, once ‘pollution source points’ scrutinized by government watchdogs, are now ‘critical infrastructure’ protected by federal hounddogs. As the front lines in the War on Terror expand from Baghdad to Baton Rouge, we find that America has been made secure only against hard news and uncomfortable facts.

Greg’s assertion — borne out by his truncated tangle with the feds — that Exxon and other oil companies have metamorphosed from unprotected American businesses to HomeSec-protected “critical infrastructure” raises eyebrows.


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-Scott Thill