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Dancing in the Armed Madhouse

Greg Palast

Now you can dance to Armed Madhouse: the soundtrack to the class war.Remix Turntable

You want to listen to this: the best of Armed Madhouse, the bestseller, turned into disturbingly hot dance tracks. Click here to Listen to Greg Palast, Amy Goodman, Larry David, Jello Biafra and other troublemakers reading Armed Madhouse and put to the beat. Here are some who already have. Then pass it on.

Then add your own: There are just three days left to submit your mash-up with music of “Who’s Afraid of Osama Wolf?”, “No Child’s Behind Left,” “The Best Little Legal Whorehouse in Texas,” and other tracks from the audio edition of the book. The contest, sponsored by Air America, Creative Commons, Alternative Tentacles and Hollywood Can Suck It is offering prizes of questionable value, and fame of unlimited worth to the winners – including a release on my next spoken word CD.

Be among some of the greats who have sampled Palast in the past: The Farangs, Akir, Sell the Lexus Burn the Olive Tree and Eminem.

Send your submissions to submitremix (at) gregpalast.com