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Bush Supporters Raise $1.2 Trillion

Greg Palast

by Greg Palast

I read the news today. Oh, boy.

“Corporate Profits Increase 29%, Biggest Jump in Almost 20 Years”
Wall Street Journal, page A2

“The Labor Department said new claims for unemployment benefits increased a ‘modest’ 1,000 to 339,000 in the week ended Saturday.”
Wall Street Journal, page A2

And in other news…


“Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain met yesterday in Tripoli with Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, signaling the end of Colonel Qaddafi’s estrangement from the West.”
New York Times, page A1

British-Dutch oil company, Royal/Dutch Shell, “signed a break-through deal yesterday with Libya’s state oil company to explore for oil and natural gas, a plan that could give Shell access to as much as $1 billion worth of fuel in North Africa.”
New York Times, page W1

Photo: British Prime Minister Tony Blair talks with Muammar Qaddaffi who ordered the assassination in London of Libyan dissident Al Mehmet Abu Said. Mr. Blair explained that Britain’s Labour Party, “employs character assassination” as the preferred means of eliminating dissent.