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Bush Rushes to Flood Site
Orders Emergency Tax-Cuts

Greg Palast

By Greg Palast

New Orleans – Reminding the residents of Gulf Coast that, if can they can find their missing loved ones, they will qualify for the new higher exemption on inheritance taxes. “Don’t think of them as lost, think of them as floating tax deductions!”

Surrounded by several dry millionaires on high ground, the President noted that the tax break ends in 2009. “Let us give thanks they expired before the exemption!”

Mr. Bush added that, “The Gulf Coast produces one-fourth of America’s oil and gas. As Paul Wolfowitz said about Iraq, ‘They’ve got a lot of oil. They can pay for their own reconstruction. This won’t have to cost the US taxpayer a dime.'”

Quoting Ronald Reagan, the President concluded, “A rising tide raises all yachts.” Then he turned to Vice-President Cheney and asked, “Hey, is this thing on?”

(Some of my readers may think this is a sick joke.

Yes, he is.)

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