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Bush Family Fortunes in the City of Brotherly Love

Greg Palast

Bush Family Fortunes, available on DVD September 28th, was screened this last weekend in Philadelphia at the Lost Film Festival with Executive Producer, Matt Pascarella.

Some reviews of the Fest from Philadelphia’s local papers:

“Greg Palast’s Bush Family Fortunes appears to be the big find, being that Fahrenheit 9/11 was inspired by (i.e. roundly ripped-off) its fevered take-down of the seated president. Not that it’s just Dubya everyone’s peeved at.”
Matt Prigge (Philadelphia Weekly)

“Taking Moore’s unabashed questioning of the current administration one…two…10 steps farther is the 9th Lost Film Festival, held through Sunday at three locations in West Philadelphia. The free festival features the Philadelphia premiere of “Bush Family Fortunes,” the inspiration behind Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11.”
Amber Ray (Philadelphia Metro)

We’d like to thank Scott Beibin, Liz Cole and everyone from Lost Film Fest and Evil Twin Bookings for all of their support and for bringing the film to the city of Brotherly Love.To order the DVD visit:
Bush Family Fortunes DVD