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Behind Bush’s Wyly Billionaire Burglars
… Hint: Beyond Petroleum

Greg Palast

by Greg Palast

Greg Palast
From the Joker’s Wild card deck

Sam Wyly is one of the planet’s “Ten Greenest Billionaires,” according to Forbes. And, the magazine should have added, the one that deserves the most prison time.

Yesterday, the Securities and Exchange Commission charged billionaire Sam and his billionaire brother Charles with a stock market fraud which sucked over a half billion dollars out of their victims’ pockets. That’s nothing. The SEC has only uncovered the rattling tale of the Wyly snake.

This billionaire boys club is best known for backing the smear campaign against John McCain credited with giving George W. Bush the GOP nomination for President in 2000.  In 2004 they backed the Swift Boat smear on John Kerry.

But who backs the Wyly’s?  Their “green energy” business is funded by an oil company which has – and here’s your hint – gone way Beyond Petroleum.

Come back to this space for my full report tonight.  In the meantime, roll your cursor over this tarot card ….


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