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Ahnold Gets Lay’d

Greg Palast


San Francisco Chronicle

Geraldine Field (Letters, June 16) asks where Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is when it comes to demanding accountability from Enron for the money that they gamed from California during the manufactured energy crisis of 2001?

Perhaps she’s unaware that he was busy attending a meeting with Enron board chairman Ken Lay and other high-level perpetrators of that scam while it was going on (as reported by Greg Palast and documented by the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights — www.consumerwatchdog.org/utilities/pr/pr003708.php3, and is probably still on board with the pirates who shook down you, me and Grandma Millie.

It’s difficult to make a case against a company that has committed criminal fraud when you’re ensconced in the pocket of that company’s chairman of the board.