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ACLU Freedom of Expression Award

Greg Palast

The American Civil Union has awarded Greg Palast the Upton Sinclair Freedom of Expression Award (the ‘Uppie’) for his book, Democracy and Regulation, originally published by the United Nations International Labor Organization. (New 2003 edition by Pluto Press.) Palast will share the award with his co-authors Theo MacGregor and Jerrold Oppenheim.

The award will be presented on May 15 by the ACLU’s California affiliate.

Palast said, “The ACLU Award makes Theo, Jerry and I damn proud.” The book is a guide for the regulation of the power, water and other public service industries, a two-fisted academic defense of the public’s right to control private greed. “The book is a manual for warfare against the power pirates and water barons who have sucked the public purse dry from San Francisco to Rio to Berlin,” said Palast. The book, introduced by California Public Utilities Commission Carl Wood, began as a series of lectures by Palast at Cambridge University’s School of Applied Science and the University of Sao Paolo’s school of regulatory studies. Used by the United Nations, consumer groups and labor unions worldwide, it is a functional policy guide which has has a noted influence on government policy from Brazil to the United Kingdom.

“It is especially heartening to receive this award in California where the state is run by an action-toy puppet whose strings are pulled, owned and controlled by manipulative bandits posing as power companies.” A popular summary of “Democracy and Regulation” is contained in The Best Democracy Money Can Buy (Penguin 2004) as Chapter 3: California Reamin’ – Deregulation and the Power Pirates.

Before Palast began his career in journalism, he directed racketeering investigations of monopoly corporations. Economist Theo MacGregor and attorney Jerrold Oppenheim are two of the world’s leading experts in the regulation of public utilities. Check out their site, and more information on the book at www.DemocracyAndRegulation.com.

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