Year: 2012

The Obligatory, End of the Year
Top 10 List

Greg Palast 

Here are the stories that got the most attention in 2012

The Palast Investigative Fund was quite effective this year. Vulture funds were banned, election theft made national headlines, and we outed gov’t profiteer posing as a candidate.

Oh, and our little book Billionaires & Ballot Bandits hit the New York Times Bestseller list for 5 weeks.

This was a great year for the Palast Team (other than our photographer getting his head and camera beaten) – and we couldn’t have done it without your support, financially and through the simple act of sharing our information.

We’re ready for 2013 and have already started putting together the plans for our next investigations, films and maybe even another book.

For now though – please re-read our top, breaking stories from 2012 – many of which you can find in Billionaires & Ballot Bandits. …more

The Anti-Clause: Reverend Billy’s
No-Click Christmas

Greg Palast 

By Greg Palast for

[New York, December 18, 2012] Even for New York, this was WEIRD. There were a half dozen Santa Clauses on Second Avenue getting a sermon from a Midwestern preacher who looks like a cross between televangelist Jerry Falwell and a white-haired Elvis.

The Santa Crew and their mini-skirted elves were on their way to get drunk (drunker?) with another thousand Santa impersonators at “SantaCon,” an annual gathering of St. Nicks. But they were willing to let the Reverend Billy attempt to save their souls.

Reverend Billy did not object to their plans for lubrication, but to their original Sin: collaborating with the Devil’s work known as “Christmas Shopping.”


Before it’s too late…
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The Mayans sure know how to take the fun out of Christmas.

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Don’t Touch that Snooze Button

Greg Palast 

by Greg Palast
Monday, December 10, 2012

By my initial calculation, 9.3 million Americans lost their vote on November 7 – purged from voter rolls, blocked at the polls, or had their “provisional” and absentee ballots thrown in the dumpster.

Let’s get to the bottom of this: In the next 90 days, we need to name names, expose their games, and make sure things don’t stay the same.

Just because Mr. Obama won re-election doesn’t mean the vote-heist didn’t happen. This is no joke: the evidence suggests the GOP actually lost the majority of Congressional races. But, through sick tricks in Arizona and three other states, snatched enough seats to hang our economy over a fiscal cliff.

Help me dig through the mud in those ballot boxes.

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Democracy Now:
Ohio – Wrong Ballots for Black Voters

Investigation Uncovers Thousands at Risk
of Ballot Loss

Greg Palast 
A special report by Greg Palast for Democracy Now!

[Dayton, Ohio. Tuesday November 6, 2012]

Several thousand African-American voters in Dayton, Ohio, may find their ballots left uncounted, and they, and America, won’t know it––even if the lost votes change the presidency.

First, you need to know, there are two elections for President in Ohio held on two days and in two colors.

Today, White Ohio will vote: Evangelicals, rurals, small businessmen, big and bigger businessmen, the whole Rotary Club.

Black Ohio already voted. More African-Americans vote early than on the official Election Day.

The big day for African-Americans––and for Barack Obama’s hopes for reelection––was on Sunday, “Souls to the Polls” day, when church buses filled with the ladies of the choir and their men vote as a group. …more

7 Ways to Beat the Ballot Bandits
Lee Camp’s Videos

Greg Palast 

Lee Camp’s riffs on Greg Palast’s bestelling book Billionaires & Ballot Bandits.
Get a copy here.


1. Don’t go Postal

2. Vote Unconditionally – NOT Provisionally

3. Register, Register – Then Register again

4. Make the Democracy Demand – No Vote Left Behind

5. Vote Early – Before the Ballot Bandits Wake up

6. Date a Voter

7. Occupy Ohio – Invade Nevada


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Lee Camp is the brilliant comic, creator of Lee Camp’s Moments of Clarity.