Year: 2009

Welcome Home Vincent

Greg Palast 

A grateful America welcomes home the troops!

Vincent, 102d Rescue Squadron (Iraq). Vincent
Vincent, 102d Rescue Squadron (Iraq). America hasn’t forgotten you, Vincent … help’s on the way!

Photos by GP (c) PI Fund with Vincent’s permission.


John Pilger: Tell Me No Lies

Greg Palast 

by Greg Palast

I was in deep, deep, hot, hot water with my editors at The Guardian in London. The paper was facing a ruinous suit by George Bush Sr.’s business buddies because of one of my stories. Then a tall Aussie of dramatic demeanor walked uninvited in my boss’ offices and said, “Yes, Palast is trouble. But he’s good trouble.”

John Pilger’s intervention helped save my sorry behind.

Now he’s saved my stories, and the stories of Seymour Hersh, Eduardo Galeano, Edward R. Murrow, Robert Fisk, the assassinated investigator of the Chechen War, Anna Politkovskaya, and many others in a big, fat—626 pages!—book of what he says is, “Journalism that changed the world.” It’s called
Tell Me No Lies.

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“Secretive power loathes journalists who do their job: who push back screens, peer behind façades, lift rocks. Opprobrium from on high is their badge of honour.”

You go, John!

Do you know someone who wants to lift rocks and push back screens of official BS? Get them Tell Me No Lies and I’ll personalize it to them. Your support is my badge of honor.

And there’s another compendium I recommend: The Secret Histories: Hidden Truths That Challenged The Past And Changed The World.

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For the holidays: Peace, good will and the truth.

Greg Palast 

Confronting the Globalcrat

by Greg Palast

This article appears in the December 21 edition of The Nation


You could call him the Generalissimo of Globalization. The World Trade Organization’s director general, Pascal Lamy, was a bit defensive, wanting to assure us that the WTO “wasn’t created as a dark club of multinationals secretly cooking plots against the people. We do things in the open. Look at our website.”

It’s been a year since globalized finance brought the planet to its knees, yet here in Geneva, where in late November the WTO opened its grand “seventh ministerial,” the diplomats are in denial. One confidential document from the files of WTO members–definitely not on the WTO website–tells us that despite financial and environmental crises, the globalizers still want to party like it’s 1999.

World Trade Organization Risks Financial ‘China Syndrome’

Greg Palast 

on 10th Anniversary of the Battle in Seattle
Bankers’ scheme to re-open finance casino worldwide

by Greg Palast

GENEVA — Apparently, one meltdown isn’t enough for the World Trade Organization. They meet today in Geneva on the tenth anniversary of the “Battle in Seattle,” when tens of thousands of people from around the world protested the organization’s practices.

A special investigation for Air America’s Ring of Fire. Listen to the report here or watch the 9-minute film here.

Palast busts the WTO

Greg Palast 

From Geneva, a special investigative Report for Air America Radio’s Ring of Fire on the 10th Anniversary of the Battle in Seattle.

Listen here

Greg Palast’s BBC Blockbuster
‘Bush Family Fortunes’
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TALIBAN = 9/11??
Afghanistan by Hypnosis

Greg Palast 

by Greg Palast for

On September 11, 2001, my office building, the World Trade Center, was attacked by al Qaeda, a murder cult of Saudi Arabians, funded by Saudi Arabians. And so, in response to the Saudis’ attack, America invaded … Afghanistan. Like, HUH?

And here we go again. New York Times headline last Friday: “Pakistani Army, In Its Campaign In Taliban Stronghold, Finds A Hint Of 9/11.”

Google it and you’ll find the Times report repeated and amplified 5,785 times more.

Taliban = 9/11. Taliban = 9/11. Taliban = 9/11.

Your eyelids are getting heavy. Taliban = 9/11. Taliban = 9/11.

It’s the latest hit from the same crew that brought you Saddam = 9/11 and its twin chant, Saddam = WMD, Dick Cheney’s chimerical tropes which the New York Times’ Judith Miller happily channeled to the paper’s front page.

And they’re at it again.

Every war begins with a lie. In addition to Saddam = WMD, I’m old enough to remember the Gulf of Tonkin resolution authorizing the war in Vietnam, based on a fictional Vietnamese gunboat attack on our Navy. (White House recordings have Lyndon Johnson gloating privately, “Hell, those damn stupid [US] sailors were just shooting at flying fish.”)