Year: 2006

The Baker Boys: Stay Half the Course

Greg Palast 

Iraq Study Group or Saudi Protection League?
by Greg Palast

They’re kidding, right?

James Baker III and the seven dwarfs of the “Iraq Study Group” have come up with some simply brilliant recommendations. Not.

Baker’s Two Big Ideas are:

1. Stay half the course. Keeping 140,000 troops in Iraq is a disaster getting more disastrous. The Baker Boys’ idea: cut the disaster in half — leave 70,000 troops there.

But here’s where dumb gets dumber: the Bakerites want to “embed” US forces in Iraqi Army units. Question one, Mr. Baker: What Iraqi Army? This so-called “army” is a rough confederation of Shia death squads. We can tell our troops to get “embedded” with them, but the Americans won’t get much sleep. …more

Found: Saddam’s Weapon of Mass Destruction

Greg Palast 

By Greg Palast

This photo of condemned Iraqi ex-strongman Saddam Hussein amid exotic weapons of mass destruction, taken just before the liberation of Iraq, was released Saturday by the White House. Still from Video- Courtesy of NY Times

Proclaiming that the long-awaited evidence of Saddam’s deadly weaponry was now irrefutable, Presidential spokesman Tony Snow displayed the picture of Saddam with bow and arrows [read the original NY Times article] at a special briefing for the Washington press corp.

“These are ‘dirty’ arrows, capable of delivering radioactive materiel wherever shot,” said Snow. …more

Get The Film That Got Us Busted:
Big Easy To Big Empty

Greg Palast 

New Orleans DVD

Just released today: Big Easy to Big Empty DVD– the real story of how the White House drowned New Orleans and holds it underwater today. Donate at least $30 (tax-deductible) to our investigative reporting foundation and I’ll send you, signed, the one-hour-plus broadcast. The DVD includes Amy Goodman and me on New Orleans as the front line of the class war.

On August 22, my producer and I were charged by the Department of Homeland Security with violating anti-terror laws — we upset them for filming the bad guys. While the charges were dropped (whew!) we still have the film — originally made for Democracy Now! and LinkTV. …more

Armed Madhouse by Winston Smith

Greg Palast 

Winston Smith has reproduced the inside of our President’s skull with this extraordinary collage — based on Greg Palast’s bestselling book, “Armed Madhouse.”

Winston is the “best collage artist in the Universe … best-kept secret of the underground” (writes Ivan Stang). His work is seen on albums put out by the Dead Kennedys, Green Day, Tijuana No, Lard and other bands — his collages can also be seen inside the pages of Playboy, the New Yorker, Spin and other magazines.

Through special arrangement with the artist, the Palast Investigative Fund is offering a limited number of this killer full-color frame-worthy 18″ x 24″ poster for a tax-deductible donation of at least $25.

With the Armed Madhouse poster, we’ll include the Winston Smith poster “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.” Want them signed? Just say so in the pay-pal ‘message box’ when ordering.

Stars Come Out To Support Investigative Reporting

Greg Palast 

On Thursday, November 16, Hollywood came out in support of the Palast Investigative Fund, theJackson Browne by Margery Epstein not-for-profit foundation that supports the research team behind the writings and films of investigative reporter Greg Palast.

The evening at the Beverly Hills home of Jodie Evans, a Code Pink founder and Max Palevsky, was sponsored by Norman Lear, founder of People for the American Way, Alec Baldwin, Bonnie Raitt, Ed and Cindy Asner, Larry David and other film and music luminaries to raise funds for the Palast team’s new work, including “The Theft of 2008,” the continuation of the investigation into the manipulation of US elections.

Rocker Jackson Browne [“Lives in the Balance”], who has helped fund Palast’s work, said that everyone in his recording studio had read his copy of Palast’s bestseller, “Armed Madhouse: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Class War.” Browne did not say if the others were forced to read it under duress.

Palast said, Bree Walker by Margery Epstein“I’ve never done anything like this before. This is the only way we can fund investigations and provide the film to Democracy Now! or even BBC TV, which simply can’t cover the cost of our two-years digging into what is really keeping us in Iraq or how they’re going to fix the next election. There were 3 million votes cast and un-counted on November 7 — the Democrats may have won, but not democracy. In 2008, we’ll miss those 3 million. I want to investigate now, not after the White House is heisted.”

Palast told Air America’s Bree Walker, who attended wearing hot pink leopard skin print pants, “It’s really something to see this crowd out for investigative reporting. Most Greg Palast, Cindy Asner and Brad Friedman by Margery Epsteinof these stars are working class kids like me who made it out of a combination of talent and luck — and haven’t forgotten that down the hill from here is a city and a nation and a planet that’s just bleeding. I don’t know if hard facts heal wounds, but certainly soft lies and deep bullshit can kill us all.”